Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Buff Staysail Experience!

After writing up the Captain JP's Blog Experience it wasn't long before our favourite roving sailing report Buff Staysail was nagging me to give him a slot too.

Buff is of course a legend in the industry with his fearless predictions, including "No Swiss team will ever win the American's Cup", "Ellen McWho?" and "2008 is America's Cup year!" - to say nothing of scoops for this blog such as the US Election Candidates views on sailing and that James Blunt / Dita Von Teese sensation in the 2007 Celebrity Yacht Race!

I was of course slightly concerned ever since Buff got kicked out of that press reception at the San Francisco Yacht Club, but I need not have worried as it is his own line of clothing that is on ol' B.S.'s mind.

Take it away Buff!

Howdy folks! Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Life's been a bit slow waiting for the AC (as we insiders call it) to get going again, and that bar bills not going to go away, but then over a mojito or three it came to me.

Buff, I says to myself, you're a legend. You have created a writing style that is unique, which other scribblers can only aspire - it is the real thing, it is pure Buff Staysail, it is known simply as B.S.

And those initials are my route to fortune and yours to a short hand for sailing style and elegance, to be embossed on my own brand of leisure wear.

The core of the range is the sailing t-shirt, available with choice of either "Pure BS!" or "Total BS!" on the front and "This is..." on the back.

So rush, rush, rush and put in your order!

And why stop at getting one for yourself - for example:
  • if you have a row with your partner give her/him one of these classic shirts! You will be amazed by their reaction!!
  • skippers, show your crew you care by giving them matching t-shirts for the next regatta!
  • crew, show your appreciation and club together to buy your skipper one!
For an extra $50 we will add the name of your yacht to a special print run.

So come on regatta organisers - can't you imagine the scene! 100 Lasers on the start line, each competitor with a "2010 Laser Regatta: Total BS!" t-shirt on!!!!

So hurry hurry hurry! and send your cheque with order form to the Cayman Amalgamated Sailing Holdings Company made payable to "C.A.S.H."

And coming soon! The perfect Christmas gift!!! Get your B.S. knee protectors or cuff links!!!

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