Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Quiz

In a previous quiz we asked what this contraption is doing and why, as is explained here.

Here is another of them, just up river from it's sister, like giant four legged monsters walking up the Thames.

Hopefully a couple of you will recognise that as Putney Bridge in the background, together with Fulham's All Saints Church, nearly opposite Putney's St. Marys Church.

So what fanciful story connects these two churches with the naming of Putney and Fulham?

Google, Buzz, Peter Ackroyd's Thames - Sacred River etc may be used


Tillerman said...

The churches were built by two big fat ladies who only had one hammer between them. As they tossed the hammer back and forth across the river, one would shout, "Put it nigh," and the other would shout "Heave it full home."

Once the big fat ladies had finished building the churches the villages around each church became known as Putnigh and Fullhome.

And the rest is history...

JP said...

Absolutely 100% right!

One of the weirder stories, who ever came up with it first must have been very familiar with London Pride.

tillerman said...

Is there any quiz that can't be answered by Mr Google?

JP said...

Mr Google knows all.

Except Facebook. Mr Google really really wants to know what's happening on Facebook, but can't, so sulks until someone clicks on his "like" button.