Friday, April 09, 2010

Sideways Lasers?

A question for you Laser gurus.

One of the problems of living in an apartment rather than a house is the lack of storage. No garage or driveway to store those kayaks and dinghies.

There is the rather ominous sounding "lockup" which are cages shaped roughly 2.2m x 2.2m x 1m which is great for unwanted arm chairs, not so good for my requirements.

But the management is thinking of making more cages, so could in theory ask for a different size, something more useful, such as (say) long and thin.

If it were 4.1m x 1.5m x 0.7m then it would be the same volume but much more suitable for all sorts of craft. The door out of the lock-up is similarly more useful for a hull going through on its side. Though I'd guess that space would have to store both a hull and trolley, which might be a bit tight.

Any views on how easy it is to store a Laser, all the bits and it's trolley on it's side?


Tillerman said...

There's no problem about storing a Laser on its side. The gunwhales are plenty strong enough to support the boat. Not sure if you would fit a trolley in there as well, but on most models it's easy to slip the wheels off so it would probably fit too.

But why bother? Can't you find some sailing club where you can keep the Laser on the trolley at the club? That's what most people do.

ChrisP said...

Come on, Tillerman. Everyone needs a boat or two at home, ready for those off-the-cuff expeditions, as well as the boat on the trolley at the club and the yacht on the mooring.

JP said...

Alas Tillerman it's another example of the curse of the modern age - the need for immediacy, an instant fix.

But you're right, that would be the sensible solution.