Friday, April 16, 2010

Silent Skies

London's skies are for once completely clear of aircraft. There's an almost eerie lack of sound as we miss the relentless roar of jets from above as the volcanic dust continues to spread

In the pic above there seems to be a smog like reddy band along the horizon where the sun has just set, which I guess is the culprit.

You can also see the sliver which is the new moon and the evening star, Venus.


Turinas said...

Lovely shot JP. The eerie silence reminds of the time after 9/11. I used to be woken up at 6 am every day by the Transatlantic flights coming down the river into LHR. After 9/11 the flights were routed away from London. It was quiet.

JP said...

It is just like that, very quiet and peaceful, but eerie to one that is used to the sound and sights of planes always in the sky.