Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Picture puzzle: where and what?

Time for another picture puzzle.

Using the clues in the picture and the itinerary yesterday:

1. Where was I for the weekend?
2. What are those hills in the background?

And for a bonus point, if I tell you there's a clue somewhere there as to what my room looked over, where was it?

Oh and Tillerman wants us bloggers to say something about good photographic technique. Well obviously the answer is ask O'Docker (natch) but three tips here:
a) Plan ahead: the ferry cross-over that made this pic possible could be predicted by the time table
b) If you didn't actually plan ahead as I you should, don't spend all your time head in a book but every now and then go on deck to have a look around
c) Pictures with both something in the foreground and background are usually more interesting than just having one of them.


Tillerman said...


Bursledon Blogger said...

The Hebrides, the Munro's but which ones - Syke?

O Docker said...

Paps of Jura on your way to Islay?

Having a wee dram, were we?

JP said...

Gold star to O'Docker!

Steve Crompton said...

Clearly Scotland, and Cale Ferries only cover the west of Scotland. I think either Mull, Islay or Arran.